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25 October

Pull To Refresh

By Chris Banes

This project aims to provide a reusable Pull to Refresh widget for Android. It was originally based on Johan Nilsson’s library (mainly for graphics, strings and animations), but these have been replaced since.


  • Supports both Pulling Down from the top, and Pulling Up from the bottom (or even both).
  • Animated Scrolling for all devices.
  • Over Scroll supports for devices on Android v2.3+.
  • Currently works with ListViewExpandableListView & GridViewWebView and ScrollView!
  • Integrated End of List Listener for use of detecting when the user has scrolled to the bottom.
  • Maven Support.
  • Indicators to show the user when a Pull-to-Refresh is available.
  • Support for ListFragment!
  • Lots of Customisation options!

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