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  1. 2014.06.26 Chips Text Fields
  2. 2014.06.26 GlowPadView (Lockring)
  3. 2014.06.26 PinProgress
  4. 2014.06.26 Sliding Menu
  5. 2014.06.26 Scrolling Tricks
  6. 2014.06.26 Application Crash Reports for Android
  7. 2014.06.26 Android-Validator
  8. 2014.06.26 Switch Compatibility Library [Backport]
  9. 2014.06.26 AndroidKickstartR
  10. 2014.06.26 ViewPagerIndicator
android2014.06.26 10:40
21 November

Chips Text Fields

By Roman Nurik

A growing trend across social and communication-related apps is to afford recipient selection using tokenized auto-completing text fields. This kind of UI is more concise than list-based interfaces, and more visually rich, intuitive (exposes a better mental model), and directly manipulable (manage recipients by touching their token) than comma-separated text fields.

So, if you’ve got a flow in your app that lets users select people—especially if they’re targeting people as content recipients—strongly consider this type of interface. Your users may thank you for it!


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android2014.06.26 10:39
21 November

GlowPadView (Lockring)

By Nadav Fima

The GlowPadView library is basically Android’s Lock Ring (way of screen-unlocking and alarm dismissing), but extended and targeted to Honeycomb and later versions of Android. I tried getting it to run on Gingerbread, but even NineOldAndroids (http://nineoldandroids.com/) didn’t give me everything I needed.


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android2014.06.26 10:38
22 November


By Roman Nurik

The standard ProgressBar view and activity indicators work well for most situations and should be used whenever possible to provide a consistent experience across Android. However, some situations may call for something more custom.

The Pin/Progress view is a radial progress view with different states.
The clolor indicates whether it’s downloaded (blue) or not (gray). The appearance of the pin indicates whether the download is permanent (white, upright) or temporary (gray, diagonal). And when state is in the process of changing, progress is indicated by a moving pie chart.


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android2014.06.26 10:38
23 November

Sliding Menu

By Jeremy Feinstein

SlidingMenu is an Open Source Android library that allows developers to easily create applications with sliding menus like those made popular in the Google+, YouTube, and Facebook apps. Feel free to use it all you want in your Android apps provided that you cite this project and include the license in your app.


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android2014.06.26 10:37

23 November

Scrolling Tricks

By Roman Nurik and Nick Butcher

ScrollTricks implements two nifty little scroll tricks with ScrollView widget.

Sticky — This trick is similar to the “synchronized scrolling” technique that Kirill Grouchnikov described here: http://goo.gl/BHbD7. It shows how to make a scrolling view (such as a ‘buy now’ button) stick to the top of its scroll container instead of scrolling off-screen.

Quick Return — This is similar to Google Now‘s search box. It scrolls off-screen with the rest of the scrollable content, but upon scrolling slightly up at any point, it scrolls back into view. Quite a handy technique for search bars and the like.


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android2014.06.26 10:36

ACRA – Application Crash Reports for Android

What is ACRA ?

ACRA is a library enabling Android Application to automatically post their crash reports to a GoogleDoc form. It is targetted to android applications developers to help them get data from their applications when they crash or behave erroneously.

See BasicSetup for a step-by-step installation and usage guide.


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android2014.06.26 10:35
23 November

Android-Validator – Form Validator Library

By Benjamin Besse

When it comes to for user input validation, it’s hard to have a versatile solution that works with every form. Figuring out how to display errors is not a simple task.


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android2014.06.26 10:34

Switch Compatibility Library [Backport]

By Andreas Krings

Finally, a custom view that mimics Android’sSwitch original widget. This one supports Android 2.2 (Froyo) and up.

Switch is a two-state toggle switch widget that can select between two options. The user may drag the “thumb” back and forth to choose the selected option, or simply tap to toggle as if it were a CheckBox.


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android2014.06.26 10:33


AndroidKickstartR - Start your next Android app in 10 seconds.

AndroidKickstartR helps you to quickly create a well configured Android application using the most popular libraries.
It creates and configures your project for you. Just focus on code!

For starters, AndroidKickstartR includes AndroidAnnotations, Spring RestTemplate, NineOldAndroids, ACRA and ActionBarSherlock.


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android2014.06.26 10:11


The famous ViewPagerIndicator is a collection of paging indicator views, compatible with the ViewPager from the Android Support Library to improve discoverability of content.
These widgets can also be used in conjunction with ActionBarSherlock!


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