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This is Android 4.0 style Swipe-To-Dismiss implementation.
The implementation works on vertical LinearLayouts and ListViews as well, and should imitate the behaviour of Android 4.0+ app switcher.

Download: GitHub

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Android-AppMsg (Crouton)

By Evgeny Shishkin

Implementation of in-layout notifications. Based on Toast notifications and article The making of Prixing #4: in-layout notifications by Cyril Mottier.

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Android Lock Pattern

Android has an useful tool in security settings, it is Lock Pattern. Users can define their own lock pattern ‒ which is a combination of 4+ dots.

We have extracted this piece of code from Android source code, platform frameworks base. Then modified it a little, to make it easy to use in an application. Also we have changed the icons. If you want other ones, you can design them yourself. If you want the original icon set, refer to res-default.

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