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31 May


An Android Toast replacement, similar to the one seen in the GMail app.


  • Messages are local to the Activity/Fragment the MessageBar is attached to
  • Messages can be queued
  • Can display a button, with a listener to react to clicks

Download from GitHub

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android2014.06.26 09:39
31 May

Fading ActionBar

FadingActionBar is a library which implements the cool fading action bar effect that can be seen in the new Play Music app.

This library uses the techniques outlined by Cyril Mottier in a recent blog post.

For reasons of backwards compatibility this library relies on ActionBarSherlock. If your app uses the native action bar, there is a fork for you.

Download from GitHub

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android2012.10.12 10:23

public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) {


// 현재의 터치 액션의 종류를 받아온다.

int action = event.getAction();

// 터치 된 x좌표

float x = event.getX();

// 터치 된 y좌표

float y = event.getY();

// 액션의 종류에 따른 역할 수행

Log.d("=-=-=-=-=-", "=-=-=a=-=-a=-a=-a=-a=-a=-" + event.getX());

Log.d("=-=-=-=-=-", "=-=-=a=-=-a=-a=-a=-a=-a=-" + event.getY());

Log.d("1111111111", "x좌표왼쪽::" + list_slide.getLeft());

Log.d("1111111111", "x좌표오른쪽::" + list_slide.getRight());

Log.d("1111111111", "y좌표왼쪽::" + list_slide.getTop());

Log.d("1111111111", "y좌표오른쪽::" + list_slide.getBottom());

switch (action) {

// 드래그 되었을 때의 이벤트 처리

case MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN:

// 터치 좌표가 이미지 안에 들어와 있다면 드래그 된 만큼 이미지의 좌표도 이동시킨다.

if (x > list_slide.getLeft() && x < list_slide.getRight()

&& y > list_slide.getTop() && y < list_slide.getBottom()) {

Log.d("=-=-=-=-=-", "=-=-=a=-=-a=-a=-a=-a=-a=-");




return true;


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