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MultiChoiceAdapter is an implementation of ListAdapter which adds support for modal multiple choice selection as in the native Gmail app.

It provides a functionality similar to that of the CHOICE_MODE_MULTIPLE_MODAL ListView mode, with two additional benefits:

  • It’s easier to use, as it keeps count of the selected items, updates their background accordingly and handles checkboxes transparently.
  • It is compatible with every version of Android from 2.x. Of course, this implies that your project must use ActionBarSherlock.

Download from GitHub

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26 April


ProgressButton is a custom progress indicator with a tiny footprint. Based on the sample code provided by Roman Nurik on Google Code. The default implementation provides a pin progress button as seen on the Android design site.

The color indicates whether it’s downloaded (blue) or not (gray). The appearance of the pin indicates whether the download is permanent (white, upright) or temporary (gray, diagonal). When state is in the process of changing, progress is indicated by a moving pie chart

Download from GitHub

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29 April

Pager Sliding TabStrip

Inspired by the new 4th version of the Android Play Store, Pager Sliding TabStrip is anInteractive paging indicator widget, compatible with the ViewPager from the Android Support Library.

Try out the sample application on the Play Store.

Download from GitHub

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